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White Peacock Butterflies

White Peacock Release Butterflies-(Anartia jatrophae)
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Item #: white-peacock-release-butterflies
Regular Price: $5.50

This is a very beutiful and elegant flyer. This is one of our favorites for weddings as they inbrace the colors and mood of most weddings.

These butterflies do not fly vary far at one time and often land on the ground. The lacing on the wings make this species a must have for all weddings.

If you are a educator, place of learning, charity, exhibit or human services organization please call us for special pricing.

These butterflies can be purchased individually up to a 5 count.

1 White Peacock Butterfly $5.50
6 White Peacock Butterflies $60.00
12 White Peacock Butterflies $114.00
24 White Peacock Butterflies $162.00
48 White Peacock Butterflies $204.00
96 White Peacock Butterflies $360.00

Please email or call us to let us know the date of your Butterfly Release. or 1-352-465-1603

Anartia jatrophae