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Mobile Butterfly Exhibit

"Butterfly Experience"

Let us come to your school or function. The Butterfly Experience is a 20 foot by 20 foot walk through exhibit. In it our visitors have actual contact with over 200 free flying butterflies of many different species. They are able to hand feed the butterflies, learn about the butterfly life cycle and experience watching butterflies in an environment that is very unique.

This exhibit comes with 3 to 4 staff members that answer questions and care for the butterflies. We provide three learning stations inside the exhibit.

The first learning station shows the beginning of the butterfly lifecycle, the egg. We show real life examples of butterfly eggs from different butterfly species along with pictures and other information.

The second learning station shows the next step in the butterfly lifecycle, the caterpillar. Here we show real life caterpillars from a varity of butterflies. Students can see and learn about caterpillars from natural defences to anatomy.

The third station shows live butterfly pupa. We show many different types of live pupa and show some that are actually changing if the time is right. Students will learn about how pupa are made and why they look so different from one another.

The last stop in the butterfly life cycle is the live adult butterflies that are flying around in the exhibit. The adult butterfly is the last step in the butterfly lifecycle. Students will see many types of butterflies and learn about flight patterns, food sources, reproduction and more. This exhibit is geared toward a educational experince, but for some they can just enjoy the butterflies and caterpillars in a very unique atmosphere. The exhibit is $1000.00 per day with a $500.00 deposit to hold your date. Call us at 1-352-465-1603 for more information.