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Rooted Milkweed Plants-Asclepias curassavica

Rooted Milkweed Cuttings-Asclepias curassavica
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Our Tropical Milkweed plants arrive ready to plant! Pull plant from its container and plant. Its that easy.

Do you want to get a huge jump on the growing season? If the answer is yes, then our milkweed starter plants are the perfect way to get that head start. Asclepias curassavica (Milkweed) has red, yellow and orange flowers and is the host plant for Monarch and Queen butterflies.

All of our Milkweed starter plants are grown in out state-of-the-art lab. Our lab insures proper humidity,temperature and light levels are always maintained for optimum growth and health. Pests and disease are easily preventable in our lab setting.

Our Milkweed plants are selected from the healthiest most robust stock we have to insure you get the finest plants available. These plants are rooted and still on the small side, but will grow quickly and attract Monarchs and Queens to your butterfly garden.

We sell many different quantities below. Milkweed plants like full sun with light fertilizer for fastest growth. You can always order caterpillars later when your garden is full of milkweed plants. One Monarch female butterfly can lay up to 600 eggs so make sure you have enough milkweed. Milkweed grows very easy and is such a joy to work with.

We do not use any pesticides on our milkweed. Feel free to know that when you order our plants, they are safe for your butterflies and caterplliars. We wash every single plant before shipment to insure you are getting the very best milkweed plants to grow in your butterfly garden.

If you order a large order we will include free plants as a way to say thanks. Please note that in shipment these plants can be in a dark cold or hot box for 2-3 days. As soon as you receive them open and water them. They will take a few days to readjust to a "normal" life. These plants are about 3-5 inchs tall and will take up to two-three months to be full grown for Monarchs to feed on.

These cuttings are what we use for our butterfly farm. They grow fast and are very easy to take care of.

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