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About ButterflyWorkx

Welcome to ButterflyWorkx's new website! ButterflyWorkx is a commercial butterfly farm that is owned and operated by Rosanna and John Wilchynski in Dunnellon, Florida. Our butterfly farm was started in the summer of 2009 with a mission to provide healthy butterflies and moths to the public and exhibit industry.

We provide a variety of butterflies and moths with up to 15 different species commercially. Our experience in rearing healthy butterflies and moths has made ButterflyWorkx the premiere internet site for lepidoptera.

ButterflyWorkx butterfly farm maintains it's own nursery to grow and provide host and nectar plants for ourselves and customers. By doing so we are able to assure pesticide free plants that are healthy and will support caterpillar growth and butterfly feeding.

Thank you for visting ButterflyWorkx. Please stay awhile and browse our large selection of butterflies, moths, and more. If you have any qustions or comments, please email us at

We take pride in breeding only the highest quality butterflies. We are proud members of:

International Butterfly Breeders Association
Association for Butterflies
Monarch Waystation