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Painted Lady Release Butterflies

Painted Lady Release Butterflies-(Vanessa cardui)
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Item #: painted-lady-release-butterflies
Regular Price: $1.75

These cute little orange critters are a great butterfly for displays, centerpieces, and place settings. They are used often for butterfly releases. Due to there small size and quick flight pattern, they are not as showy as Monarch butterflies. They are, however, much less expensive! There is a quantity discount when you purchase a larger quantity.

Painted Lady Butterflies can be shipped to all states except Hawaii and New Mexico.

If you are a educator, place of learning, charity, exhibit or human services organization please call us for special pricing.

These butterflies can be purchased individually up to a 5 count.

1 Painted Lady Butterfly $1.75
6 Painted Lady Butterflies $10.50
(1.75ea) 12 Painted Lady Butterflies $21.00
(1.75ea) 24 Painted Lady Butterflies $36.00
(1.50ea) 48 Painted Lady Butterflies $72.00
(1.50ea) 96 Painted Lady Butterflies $120.00

Please email or call us to let us know the date of your Butterfly Release. or 1-352-465-1603

Vanessa cardui