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Monarch Release Butterflies

Monarch Release Butterflies-(Danaus plexippus)
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Monarch butterflies are the best all purpose release butterflies. They are large, very strong, and majestic flyers. Monarchs are perfect for accordion release boxes as well as individual and mass release boxes. They are easy to see during the release due to their large size. What a great way to start a new marriage.

Monarch butterflies can only be shipped to:AL,AZ,CO,CT,DE,FL,GA,IL,IN,IA,

1-6 Monarch Butterfly $7.50
7-12 Monarch Butterflies $7.00
13-24 Monarch Butterflies $6.75
25-36 Monarch Butterflies $6.50
37-48 Monarch Butterflies $6.25
49-60 Monarch Butterflies $6.00

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