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Gulf Fritillary Release Butterflies

Gulf Fritillary Release Butterflies-(Agraulis vanillae)
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Gulf Fritillary butterflies are a great butterfly for butterfly releases to states where Monarch butterflies cannot be shipped . Gulf Fritillary Butterflies can only be shipped to: AL,AZ,AR,CA,FL,GA,IL,IN,IA,KY,LA,MD, MS,MO,NE,NH,NM,NC,OH,OK,PA,SC, TN,TX,VI,DC

If you are a educator, place of learning, charity, exhibit or human services organization please call us for special pricing.

1 Gulf Fritillary Butterfly $7.00
6 Gulf Fritillary Butterflies $40.00
12 Gulf Fritillary Butterflies $78.00
24 Gulf Fritillary Butterflies $144.00
48 Gulf Fritillary Butterflies $276.00
96 Gulf Fritillary Butterflies $528.00

Please email or call us to let us know the date of your Butterfly Release. or 1-352-465-1603

Agraulis vanillae