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Butterfly Displays in Acrylic Cases

Butterfly Art in Acrylic CasesOur airtight Acrylic (Lucite, Plexiglass)cases are a great way for veiwing every side of your butterfly or moth. We hand-make our own cases, spread our own butterflies and mount them in stunning displays. Using a three dimensional display allows you to see the undersides of the wings as well as the uppersides. Often the undersides are more beautiful and different than the uppersides.

All butterflies are mounted on thin, clear rods of varying lengths, enhancing the illusion that the butterflies are in flying. These rods give the look of free flying butterflies in the case. We can mount the butterflies at angles and tilt them to appear as they are in mid-flight.

These cases can be hung on a wall with provided wall hanger or displayed on a table. We do not install the wall hangers until a customer asks for it as we feel it takes away from the clean look. These are our highest quality displays that we make. They have a very expensive, "high-end" look.

About our U-bend acrylic cases

Our acrylic cases are "U-bend" style which is the highest quality type of acrylic case. Normal acrylic cases have 6 pieces of acrylic glued together (4 sides, top & bottom), our cases have 4 pieces of acrylic glued together. The largest top piece of acrylic is heated and bent to create 3 sides. A front and 2 sides, which means no seam, it's just curved to meet the back piece of acrylic. While it's difficult to see the difference in our pictures, in person these cases are stunning.