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Butterfly Art

Butterfly ArtAuthentic mounted butterflies and mothes in acrylic cases, riker mounts and table top displays. Our hand-made acrylic cases house some of the most incredible butterflies and moths in the world.

What a great gift for the special nature lover. We offer many different types of butterfly and moth displays. We mount the butterfly or moth on a small acrylic pin that gives the specimen a illusion floating in the case. These butterflies are raised in aviaries throughout the world in order to permit the butterflies in the wild to live their lifespan to the fullest and also to provide incomes for the native people of the various countries. The average life of a butterfly is approximately two weeks and upon its expiration, it is preserved and packaged for exportation. I only buy from reputable suppliers that follow all international laws requiring licenses, inspections and declarations. This display was created to preserve the beauty of this wonderful gift of nature. These artworks can be displayed on a wall or table.