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Mexican Sunflower Tithonia rotundifolia - Rooted Cuttings

Mexican Sunflower  Tithonia rotundifolia
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Botanical Name: Tithonia rotundifolia
Nectar Plant For: Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Bees

Zone: Tropical (3 to 10) Water Requirement: Average
Height: 2-8 foot Nectar: Great
Sun: Full Sun Soil: Average
Bloom: Orange and some yellow clusters Misc.: Grows very fast,spreads easy

Mexican Sunflowers are one on the best if not the best nectar plants we use here at our farm. We grow all our own from seed from last year. They always do very well and produce many flowers all through the year. We use these in our butterfly flight houses. They are very easy to grow and you can collect seed and keep them growing year after year.