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Mexican Flame Vine - Senecio confusus - Rooted Cuttings

Mexican Flame Vine - Senecio confusus
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Botanical Name: Senecio confusus
Nectar Plant For: Butterflies, Hummingbirds

•Zone: Tropical (9 to 11) •Water Requirement: Average
•Height: 10 foot •Nectar: Good
•Sun: Light shade to Full Sun •Soil: Average
•Bloom: Yellow to Red •Misc.: Grows very fast

Mexican flame vine is a woody tropical vine with the enchanting summertime habit of covering itself in brilliant daisy-like flowers. The bright orange blossoms are about 1 in in diameter and are borne in small clusters. As they age the flowers change from orange to almost red.

The scientific name of this plant Senecio confusus translates to "confused old man" referring, probably, to this vine's rampant habit of growth. If not provided support, Mexican flame vine grows this way and that in a confusion of stems that piles up to eventually form a sprawling shrub. Ships as fully rooted cutting ready to plant.