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Painted Lady Kit Assembly Pictures

Your kit will come with these items. A Styrofoam base with food a disk inside(left). A cup of caterpillars (center). The plastic rearing chamber (right).
Take the white Styrofoam base and food disk out of the plastic bag. Carefully remove the food disk from the Styrofoam.
Remove the cardboard liner from around the food disk. This will be the food that the caterpillars eat. It will be enough food for there whole life cycle. No food will needed to be added.
Open the cup of caterpillars and carefully remove them unto the center of the food disk. We use a hobby brush and slowly move them. These caterpillars spin a web of silk around them and by using a hobby brush you can catch this silk and move them easily.
Place the plastic rearing chamber over the food disk and cats and snap down. You will hear a pop when it is locked in place.
Place completed rearing chamber inside of Styrofoam base. Its a tight fit so push hard. Your kit is now finished. Sit back and watch your caterpillars grow each day. Do not place in direct sunlight. Keep in area that will be about the same temp all the time.