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Maypop Passion Flower - Passiflora incarnata - Rooted Cuttings

Maypop Passion Flower - Passiflora incarnata
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Botanical Name: Passiflora incarnata
Host Plant For: Zebra Longwings, Gulf Fritillary, Julia Heliconian

•Zone: Tropical (8 to 11) •Water Requirement: Average
•Height: Vining •Nectar: Good
•Sun: Light shade to Full Sun •Soil: Average
•Bloom: Purple •Misc.: Host plant for Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae), Julia Heliconian (Dryas iulia), Mexican Silverspot (Dione moneta) and Zebra Heliconian (Heliconius charithonia)

The Maypop Passionflower is a fast growing perennial vine that produces abundant, showy, pinkish purple flowers from July until frost. The fruit of the maypop is quite tasty with a sweetish flavor. The is a great host plant for three different butterflies. You can't have enough of this vine once the butterflies find it. Sold and shipped as bare rooted cuttings with no soil.