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About Us

Welcome to ButterflyWorkx. Were glad you stopped by. We know you have many options here on the net and have strived to make this site easy to use and informative. We are a family owned and operated butterfly farm in Dunnellon, Florida. Please stay awhile and look around. If you have any qustions please let us know. Se Habla Espanol.

The Wilchynski's

ButterflyWorkx Butterfly Farm is the name of our small butterfly farm. We take pride in breeding only the highest quality butterflies. We are proud members of:

Association for Butterflies

Monarch Waystation

Our contact information

By email:

By standard mail:
7910-North Fairport Ave
Dunnellon Florida 34433

By phone:
1.352.465.1603 (between 9:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. EST time zone)Se Habla Espanol

Shipping Information and Guarantee for all living products:

Please read the Shipping and Guarantee to the end. If your package is delayed after it leaves The ButterflyWorkx and that delay causes the Butterflies to miss your event; We will give a 50% refund on the Butterflies (not shipping charge), provided the shipping agency acknowledge the shipping failure to be their fault. If the failure is proven to be the fault of The ButterflyWorkx we will offer a total refund. If you determine a problem of any kind, notify us immediately. Phone 352-465-1603. If no one is available to take your call, please leave a message AND send an email to If the contents are damaged, please do not destroy box or contents, unless directed by us. If possible, take a photograph.

Important! we can not ship butterflies to arrive on Sunday, Monday, or the day after a UPS/FEDEX holiday. Please call us to see what can be done in that situation.

Once a package is delivered by UPS and no signature was obtained we are no longer responsible for the package. We do not offer refunds for packages that UPS shows as being delivered without signature under any circumstance. If you would like to require a signature on the package we can do so via special request but we will not guarantee them if you are not there the day of arrival for them to be delivered on time.

1. Why do we ship our butterflies in cold dark boxes?

Butterflies are naturally active in warmth and light. Butterflies are shipped in foam coolers with ice packs to place them in a stress-less ‘dormant’ state, thus imitating a cool spring or fall night.

Your butterflies should be kept cool until shortly before their release. Instructions are included with your shipment and are always located on our website. These instructions include refreezing ice packs if your release is not scheduled for the day of their arrival at your chosen destination.

2. Why are they shipped in envelopes instead of inside the release box?

We use glassine envelopes, butterflies are shipped secured in their ‘holders’ for the night. A sharp jar or jostle of the shipping box in transit cannot harm the butterfly.

If butterflies were shipped loose in a large box, their dormant state could cause them to slam against the sides of the release box, possibly injuring their wings or bodies.

Although glassine envelopes resemble wax paper, the envelopes ‘breathe’ naturally, allowing airflow.

Only butterflies shipped for release from an Accordion Butterfly Release Box will be shipped pre-packed in a mass release box. All other butterflies are shipped in glassine envelopes unless specifically requested for shipment in other snug individual release boxes.

3. Why do you only ship for Next Day Arrival?

We ship with ice packs and they melt during transit.

You can refreeze their ice packs if you need to keep them longer before release.

If they are delayed and their ice packs melt, it is unusual for this to cause a major problem. But for the sake of your butterflies, we guarantee ‘Arrive Alive’ ONLY with next day arrival shipping.

4. Do you require someone to be present and sign for the package?

If someone is not present to sign for the package upon arrival, we do not guarantee any living product.

We do not require someone to be present to sign for the package! If you are comfortable with your package sitting on your doorstep, we will waiver the signature requirement, but please rememebr that these are living creatures and extreme heat and cold can kill them. We are not comfortable with packages with living contents left on a porch or doorsteps and will not guarantee anything which was not received by a person who immediately opens, inspects the contents, and tends to any needs of the contents.

5. What if my butterflies do not arrive when expected?

Contact us IMMEDIATELY if your butterflies do not arrive on time.

We can often trace their route and locate their position. If you submitted your address with a typo or if they were routed incorrectly by the shipping company, we can often reroute them to your correct address. If they cannot be rerouted, you can often pick them up the next morning/day at the shipping office.

If your package is totally lost in transit, we can often reship for early morning arrival the next day IF you contact us before 3PM. In some situations, we can reship if you contact us before 5PM. For this purpose, we recommend always scheduling the shipment arrival the day BEFORE your release.

6. What if my package is damaged in shipment and some of my butterflies are lost?

Our butterflies are packed as best as possible. We have tested our packing material and methods to ensure that such accidents in transit will not harm your butterflies. No matter how carefully a shipping company handles packages, accidents will occasionally occur.

7. Will I have to pay for reshipment? Will I receive a refund?

The conditions are simple: 1. Someone MUST have signed for the package, opened it, and inspected it immediately. Without this happening we cannot help you. 2. We MUST be notified immediately upon discovery of the problem.

If the problem is the fault of our farm or the shipping company, you will not be required to pay for reshipment or will receive either a refund or gift card, depending on the product and circumstances. We will cover the total expense of reshipment if your butterflies can be reshipped for arrival in time for your release.

We may require a photo of the damaged product. DO NOT destroy anything from the shipment until you have clearance from our farm to do so. If you receive clearance, please ask the name of the person to whom you are talking.

Please understand: we receive an email (from our shipping companies) which includes information including 1. the day and time your package was delivered and 2. if someone was present who signed for the package.

Plant Shipping and Guarantee:

Our Plant Guarantee is for your plants to arrive healthy and alive.

In order for you to receive credit for damages we must receive word the same day the shipment arrives, please read below.

Most plants are shipped in their pots, individually sleeved for protection. Open your box immediately upon receipt and remove plants. If the soil is dry, water immediately. If you determine a problem of any kind, notify us immediately. Phone 352-465-1603. If no one is available to take your call, please leave a message AND send an email to If the contents are damaged, please do not destroy box or contents. If possible, take a photograph.

Allow plant to rest in the sleeve for 24 hours to adjust to its new environment. Do not leave plants in direct sun. After a couple of days in a dark box, direct sun may sunburn its leaves. Slowly move the plant to more direct light.

Eggs, Caterpillars, and Chrysalis Shipping and Guarantee:

The Butterflyworkx guarantees that the number of caterpillars shipped will arrive alive at your requested delivery address. We do ship more than you order to make up for possible loss. If problems occur during shipment, The ButterflyWorkx will either issue a full refund or reship caterpillars to replace any that were lost. This if only they were shipped next day air, and we are notified the day they arrive. If you determine a problem of any kind, notify us asap. If no one is available to take your call, please leave a message AND send an email to You may also call 352-465-1603. If the contents are damaged, please do not destroy box or contents, until we advise you to do so, we may require for you to ship them back. If possible, take a photograph.

Phone Number and Email Address

First Phone------- 352-465-1603

Second Phone-------352-746-2154