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Gulf Fritillary Chrysalises

Gulf Fritillary Chrysalises-(Agraulis vanillae)
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The Gulf Fritillary chrysalis/pupa is nature's way of fooling predators. The Gulf Fritillary chrysalis resembles a piece of wood or a decaying leaf to fool most predators. After the Gulf Fritillary pupates into this odd looking chrysalis,it takes approximately 6-8 days to hatch into a adult Gulf Fritillary butterfly. About 24 hours before hatching the chrysalis will start to darken.

Chrysalis Size: 1.0-1.75""

Chrysalis Color: resembles a wooden stick; brown and gray; looks like a decaying leaf

Chrysalis Hatch Time: 6-8 days

Notes: Gulf Fritillary Butterfly chrysalises can only be shipped to: AL,AZ,AR,CA,FL,GA,IL,IN,IA,KY,LA,MD, MS,MO,NE,NH,NM,NC,OH,OK,PA,SC, TN,TX,VI,DC