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Actias luna moth eggs

Luna Moth-Actias luna moth eggs
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The Luna Moth also known as Actias luna is one of the most beutiful giant silk moths that can be found from Maine to Florida. The Luna moth has a very large wignspan of up to 5 inchs making it one of the largest moths in North America. The Luna moth has a large range streching from Mexico to Quebec and from the GreatPlains to the east coast. Climates play a role in the Luna moths number of generations per year. In northern cliamtes there maybe only one generation per year. In the southern climate as many as four generations per year. Here at out farm in Florida we have new generations all year long. Luna moths normally are bright to pale green in color and very large. With dual tails this moth when in flight is very impressive. Here in Florida Actias luna can be found almost every month of the year. Luna moth caterpillars in Florida consume hickory, walnut, willow and sweetgum. Before purchasing eggs make sure you have one of the host plants listed above.